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Postby SKYTALKER » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:44 pm

I'm sure this has already been suggested, but I think it would be a good idea to have a HELP category where people can ask for aid in solving a particular operation. As a matter of fact, I need help with one: I want to rename several files with names like:

0001.tif, 0002.tif, etc
CONRAD _____ THE HOUSE - 001 of 414.tif, CONRAD _____ THE HOUSE - 002 of 414.tif, etc.

I'm sure there's a way to do it without using the F2 function and changing each one individually, but I guess I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
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Matching filenames

Postby truth » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:03 pm


1Regex match/replace:
CONRAD _____ THE HOUSE - \1 of 414

12Filter ensures you only see .tif's in BRU's right-pane

1Regex matches any selected .tif's with 4digit-filenames that begin with 0
The parenthesis groups/saves the last 3digits as \1 in the replacement
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Re: HELP Category

Postby SKYTALKER » Mon May 18, 2015 12:49 pm

For some reason, I never read your reply until now, so please excuse my bad manners in not replying to your suggestion for a fix to my problem. I do have another question though, where is the "Settings" box? I can't find it. Is that in the INI file?
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Re: HELP Category

Postby Stefan » Tue May 19, 2015 6:38 am

The truth meant

Selection(12) Filter: *.tif

in the lower left of BRU.

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