Error: Item could not be renamed, target item already exists

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Error: Item could not be renamed, target item already exists

Postby Jessie James » Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:53 pm

I have been using this utility for a little while now and it's worked fine on my local machine. However, today I ran into a little problem.

For reference, when I run this on my Win7 x64 machine, it works fine. After I run it then I Move my files to a Windows Home Server (WHS 2011) which I use for a media server. I just use it to change the upper-case file names to Sentence Case format.

However, today I tried to rename the files on the server, and it did not work.

First I tried by mapping the network drive to my local machine, but I got this error:

Item 'g:\ServerFolders\media\FILE.mp4' could not be renamed.
Target item 'g:\ServerFolders\media\file.mp4' already exists.

ignore this error and continue processing?

So then I installed BRU directly on the server, and tried it on the local drive, and it also failed with the same error.

Now this particular hard drive is actually a software RAID drive (mirrored) using the Cove FileSystem, but Windows treats it as a normal single drive.

I tried the "Options - Overwrite Target Files" option, but that did not work either.

Now, if I click the filename, and press F2 (rename) then I can manually rename the file. I just can't do it automatically with BRU.

Is there a trick to make this work?
Jessie James
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