Replicating Photo Gallery Import

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Replicating Photo Gallery Import

Postby zedski » Sun Jun 07, 2015 2:35 am

I still have Windows Photo Gallery installed for its import functions.

I can tag a group of pictures, eg Bonfire Night, and it automatically creates folders and filenames based on the date taken, and in the format I like.
eg, 2015-05-30 Bonfire Night\Bonfire Night 2015-05-30 001.jpg

Is it possible to use BRU to replicate this in one step? That is I point it at a folder, change one field to 'Bonfire Night' and it will rename both the folder and files within? I worked out how to name the files, but couldn't work out if the folder could pull the date from one of the files within. And also couldn't work out how to do it in one step.

It looks like a powerful program, so before giving up I thought I should ask.

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