Renaming only subfolders with append folder name

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Renaming only subfolders with append folder name

Postby mamyllyn » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:06 am

Hopefully I can explain my need clearly enough so that this can be answered:

I have a root folder "DB Poweram"
Under here is subfolder etc "Alice Cooper"
Under that is the next subfolders and they are named by album names etc "Hey Stoopid"

Now I would like to fix the foldernames for all of the subfolders so that the folder structure would be:

DB Poweramp/Alice Cooper/Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid

Now if I try to do this with appended folder name with the settings in image it would rename all folders like:

DB Poweramp - Alice Cooper and so on.

Please look at the attached pictures and help me out ;-)

Ps. Awesome program! Thank you a lot for the developers!
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