Why is my list window so small in v3

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Re: Why is my list window so small in v3

Postby Panchdara » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:28 am

therube wrote:As a comparison, I'm on a 24" monitor now, running at 1280x768, 100%, & I can only see 6 lines in the file list.
(Native resolution is 1920x1080, but that is way too small for me on this monitor.)

That's why I got a 29" 21:9 Ultrawide 2560x1080 screen - principally because of the lack of attention to support by BRU. (and even then I only see 27 files in that pane)

foxwiz wrote:Let's see if I got this. Messages saying the screen is too small since May and it is now August. Nothing fixed. I tried to register with a yahoo account but it wasn't allowed.

What is going on here? Why does it take months to fix a major issue with the GUI? Also, why can't a yahoo address be valid?

Yup, seems gmail, yahoo and hotmail (some others too) that the admin has blocked. If you ask kindly they (he/she) might allow you to register with one of these accounts. However, it's not a usual practice to block specific domain addresses. I'm sure many users only have access to these types of email accounts. Very short sighted by admin(s).

And to take issue with you saying it takes months to fix things - well, actually, it seems to take YEARS - well, actually, it seems NOTHING has been sorted since early 2016. If the developer(s) are not in a position to release fixes/enhancements/updates, then why not just come out and say so? That way we all know where it stands.

Don't get me wrong. I'd not be here if BRU wasn't a spectacular utility, but it could shine even brighter if the developer(s) would get their finger(s) out.
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