Replace multiple characters in single sweep

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Replace multiple characters in single sweep

Postby simon.sharman » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:37 pm

We have trouble with Mac users having illegal characters within folder names and filenames. Typically they are things like %, &, bullet, slashes etc etc. I'd like to compile a BRU file that can zap these in one action, replacing with an allowed character like hyphen, through the entire folder hierarchy, accepting certain files which use paths to linked files will need changing afterwards.
I can do this with a Mac app called File Renamer 4. Does BRU have such a feature?
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Re: Replace multiple characters in single sweep

Postby therube » Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:02 pm

Anything in here do it for you?

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Remove (5)

Removing parts of a filename.

This section consists of several options for removing parts of a filename. Note that these do not apply to the file extension, just the name.

· First n - Remove the first n characters from the name. E.g. removing the first 2 characters from "Joe Public.txt" will result in "e Public.txt".

· Last n - Remove the last n characters from the name. E.g. removing the last 2 characters from "Joe Public.txt" will result in "Joe Publ.txt".

· From/to - Remove a string of text, e.g. from the 6th to the 9th characters.

· Chars - Remove occurrences of characters from the name. E.g. typing "QW:#" will result in all occurrences of Q, W, colon and hash being removed.

· Words - Remove occurrences of words (separated by spaces).

· Crop - Remove any text which occurs before (or after) a specific character or word. See note below.

· Digits - Remove all occurrences of the digits 0-9 from the filename.

· High - Remove high-ASCII characters (chars from 128 to 255).

· Trim - Remove leading and trailing spaces.

· D/S - Remove occurrences of double spaces, and replace them with single spaces.

· Accent - Remove accented characters and replace them with non-accented versions. File names may contain accented characters, e.g. File names might contain à and á. Bulk Rename Utility provides a facility to replace accented characters with non-accented if needed.

· Chars - Remove all characters.

· Sym - Remove all symbols.

· Lead Dots - Remove the . or .. from the front of filenames (useful if you've copied from a Linux/Unix system).

Note: When you use the "crop" option, you have the ability of specifying a "special" value using the wildcard (*). This will remove the specified string, and any characters occupied by the wildcard. So for example, specifying [*] would convert "Hello[ABC] Joe" to just "Hello Joe", as it has removed the two square brackets and everything between.
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