It doesn't save the Folder column

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It doesn't save the Folder column

Postby JMM » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:24 am

Suddenly and without any apparent reason, BRU doesn't save that the Folder column in the file list is visible. When I open BRU, it's hidden again. I've reset the colums, I've shown all and then disabled the ones I don't want, etc. to no avail. It works with other columns, and when I re-enable the Folder column, it's in the width I did set the last time.

Forget it, I had the registry to search for 'complete strings'. I found it and finally I found what happened. If I disable 'subfolders' in Filters, the column is disabled. Another setting which changes the way I've set up the colums so everything is where I want. Well that's the last straw, I'm going back to 2.7, I hope the next version is less annoying. Great program, just that the new changes are not of my liking.
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