renumbering/padding help

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renumbering/padding help

Postby EdgarPS » Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:53 pm

Please indulge a novice! I have a folder of files numbered 1.jpg...10.jpg....100.jpg....etc but my movie-making tool requires them to be 001.jpg...010.jpg...100.jpg.
I see how to pad or prefix 0's but not how to prevent 0's being added to the 100.jpg example. I can get 0.jpg to become 000.jpg but then 100.jpg becomes 00100.jpg which is not helpful. Can somebody please help? Many thanks.
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Re: renumbering/padding help

Postby KenP » Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:21 pm

If the file-names have nothing in front of the numbers this will work, if there is a file-name in front of the digits let us know and we'll post a solution.

For file-names with a single digit.
RegEx (1)
Match: ^(\d{1})$
Replace: 00\1
(This will change file-names with a single digit to 3 digits, i.e. 1 > 001)

For file-names with 2 digits.
RegEx (1)
Match: ^(\d{2})$
Replace: 0\1
(This will change file-names with 2 digits to 3 digits, i.e. 10 > 010)

edit: I've posted what I think is a cleaner solution in your other thread.
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