Timestamp changes not working

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Timestamp changes not working

Postby LLWH » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:12 am

I have hundreds of image files (jpg) from my mobile which aren't listed properly in the gallery by date - I suspected the issue was the phone sorting not by creation date, but modified date or similar. Your program was recommended to fix this, so I downloaded it and accessed my phone's SD card to modify these. Using Special (14) I highlighted every file needing the adjustment and set the Date Created field to Taken (original). The files showed the soon-to-be changes accurately in green text so I hit rename. The eventual pop up window informed me that all the files had processed, that no files had been renamed etc.
The issue arose that once I exited that folder on the SD card to access another one, and then returned to view the first folder - the 'created' timestamp has not changed properly on any of the files. They have not reverted to the original date listed there, however - they are only a few days/hours out from the desired 'taken (original)' timestamp, but nonetheless the files have not changed correctly and seem to have chosen random dates/times relatively close to what they should be, but not accurate. Therefore, upon putting my SD card back into my phone, I now have the original problem of multiple files listed under incorrect dates, but also now duplicates of some files on different dates as well.
Can you recommend any fixes to this? As this program has actually made things worse without improving the original issue at all.
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Re: Timestamp changes not working

Postby Emerkamp » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:08 pm


BRU or bulk rename ult is best for renaming files. I would suggest Geo Setter for picture info,
They have an up to date beta also. It uses exiftool to read and write dates. Exif, IPTC, XMP

For BRU and dates, look under:
Options>> Timestamp
Help>> Content>> Additional Support>> Custom Date Formats..... This will list your place holders
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