BRU command line regex behaves differently than gui

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BRU command line regex behaves differently than gui

Postby Tolek12 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:31 pm

To keep things short, I tried to automate some task i've been doing to stop having to select files before pressing rename. Unfortunately BRC regex replace behaves differently than gui which means that renames would be done incorrectly.

GUI rename
Command line rename

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Edit 1:
Just after posting this and looking at the screens i made i noticed that in cmd there was no ^ flag! Despite it clearly being in the .bat file :
C:\Users\drizz\Desktop\Files\Tools\BRC_Unicode_64\BRC64.exe /PATTERN:"*.zip" /DIR:"D:\Downloads" /FIXEDEXT:.cbz /REGEXP:(^\(.+?\))\s(.*):\2

so this must be some windows limitation i think. I'll try to think of something while i leave this up.

Edit 2: ^ is windows escape char lol. Had to add another ^ to escape the escape char, so its :
C:\Users\drizz\Desktop\Files\Tools\BRC_Unicode_64\BRC64.exe /PATTERN:"*.zip" /DIR:"D:\Downloads" /FIXEDEXT:.cbz /REGEXP:(^^\(.+?\))\s(.*):\2

I won't delete this thread (but if it's violating some rule please delete it) because I want to help anyone else that could find themselves with the same problem as me.

Cheers and Thank you for this awesome tool.
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Re: BRU command line regex behaves differently than gui

Postby Admin » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:30 am

Hello, thank you for reporting and investigating this! Yes, I think it will be useful to other users too.
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