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Slow renaming

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:08 am
by bdragon
ok i have a folder containing about 60000 files whose contents i periodically rename as [subfolder] - [autonumber].

in version BRU would skip all the files that needed no renaming and just stop to rename the hundreds or so files that actually needed renaming.

version seems to go through each single file one by one. Taking about 30 minutes. On an SSD. It goes through about 10 files per second. Again... on an SSD.

This, along with the idiotic alt-tab issue which i have already complained about...

(In fact right now it stopped renaming because i have had the gall to push the [ALT GR] key on my keyboard to use the "[" character. which in non-US keyboards is not accessible via simple shift. This even though the window was in the background because i had switched active window via clicking in the taskbar. Which in the year 2017 is ridiculous)

...has made me switch back to version

Please, when you make a new iterative version, improve on the predecessor, do not downgrade. Thank you.

I will check in periodically for new versions, but this is ridiculous.