Add jobname to folder and filename while copying/moving

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Add jobname to folder and filename while copying/moving

Postby DutchieOnABudget » Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:15 pm

Hello All,

Forgive me if there is a post for this, but I have tried to look through the existing posts, but can't really find anything that seems to match and there are just too many posts to do a thorough manual search. 8)
I am looking for a program that can move/rename photo files from my sd card to an external drive, while inserting some text into the folder and file name. As I want to add the job name to my folders and photos, so that I know what the session was about. I used to have the DIM5 program, but that is no longer supported and doesn't work very well on Windows 10 and my 4K screen..... But it would ask me for the job name input when I started the process.
So, can I do that with this program? Add some sort of "random" text to the folders and file names while I am moving and renaming the files?
I also want to separately move/rename my RAW files from the card into a sub-folder in the destination folder.

Thanks in advance. Eric.
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Re: Add jobname to folder and filename while copying/moving

Postby Emerkamp » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:53 am

Do you want to create New Foldernames and filenames on the fly by way of variables or placeholders.
So Far Basic BRU lacks in this department. You might be able to with the java side, While that needs a license and java knowledge.
I think this is is planned somewhere down the road. Seems like a long road

Free Renamers i've found that do this, so far are:
Advanced Renamer

Also maybe look into XnviewMP, as it allows for importing and renaming. Not sure how robust this function is though.

We all love BRU, We hope and wait for this feature...
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