Timestamps lost when based on TAKEN, but TAKEN is not set

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Timestamps lost when based on TAKEN, but TAKEN is not set

Postby dbcole » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:12 pm

Here's a mistake I've made a couple of times.
(1) I decide that I want to change one of the three timestamps (created, accessed or modified) to an image's TAKEN timestamp.
(2) But the TAKEN timestamp does not exist. (Can happen when I do a mass selection of a lot of files.)
(3) Then when I pull the trigger, the target timestamp is changed to 12/31/1969.

Is this something that anyone finds useful?

Instead, I think it would be better if the target timestamp is left unchanged when the source timestamp is not known or set.

This problem is compounded by the fact that once you pull the trigger, the given timestamp changes remain pending and occur again when you do another (unrelated) rename.

And that problem is compounded further by the fact that when a timestamp change is pending, the only visual notice of this circumstance is a very insignificant, hard-to-notice checkbox located nowhere near what you are typically looking at (the file list) when you do pull the trigger. (Yes, there is a notice in the before-action confirmation, but that's not particularly eye-catching either.)

And finally, all this is compounded by the fact that timestamp changes are irreversible, they cannot be undone.

So I would recommend any (or even all) of the following changes:

1) When a source timestamp does not exist, do not change the target timestamp.

2) When a timestamp change of any sort is pending, display that fact in a prominent, eye-catching way (large font? flashing red?) somewhere in the vicinity of the file list.

3) Offer a control whereby a user can choose that pending timestamp changes do not remain pending after use.

4) Implement a way to undo timestamp changes.

Fundamentally, I am asking you to make a couple of changes (some of which are quite simple) that will make it less likely for me to mess up. Your thoughts?

Anyway, for what it's worth, I LOVE BRU!
I was going to suggest that you have a donation page,
and then I checked (duh), and I see that you do.
BRU is a great tool!
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