Searching for files to be renamed across hard drive

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Searching for files to be renamed across hard drive

Postby secretclean » Fri Apr 10, 2020 4:55 pm

Is there a way with BRU to search a hard drive for files based on a string you want renamed/removed?

The idea: I want to rename ANY file of ANY extension that includes the string "---DumbString2---" on a hard drive with 1000 directories. It would be much more thorough and logical to be able to search the entire drive for the string, returning a list of all files matching the parameters similar to Windows Search, and executing the rename on those files, rather than loading each directory/sub-directory to manually search and target the files.

I've looked for a way to do this online and haven't found anything. Powershell scripts apparently don't like renaming the files within the same directory. I've read many of your posts and understand that some regulars are against developing independency between file and folder and automatic selection of files. But this procedure makes complete sense to me.

The only bulk renaming utility that I know of that did this was Metamorphose, and unfortunately it doesn't install on Win10. BRU is the closest thing I've found so far to that, though I do see a directory dependency. Is there still a way? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Searching for parameters to be renamed across hard drive

Postby RegexNinja » Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:55 pm

Hi.. That fearure has always been available..

#12 Filters

Then select the proper Drive in BRU's left-pane, to display all such files in the right-pane.
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Re: Searching for files to be renamed across hard drive

Postby therube » Sat Apr 11, 2020 1:07 pm

The only ;-) way to search for file names is with Everything.
(The above method will also work.)

Simply plug: ---DumbString2--- into its search box.

Then (Select All &) drag the found files into BRU.
(Drag & drop is not always consistent, so if all don't show up, clear (F5) in BRU, then drag again - usually works.)

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Re: Searching for files to be renamed across hard drive

Postby RegexNinja » Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:01 pm

I keep hearing good things about Everything, but I cant get it to work on my Win8.1 64bit system.
I'm looking for a portable version to try out.. Dont want anything touching my registry right now.
So far I've tried portables from v1.0.0.0 -> Never seen a single-file in the listing.

Things I've tried:
Running as the administrator.. Changing compatibilty-settings & many other per-app settings.
Searching for .* with regex-enabled.. Searching for *a* ... and searching for *
So far, I've yet to produce a single-file/folder in Eveything's file-list..

Very frusting for an app called Everything, its default-settings should do just that.
I've jumped through hoops, but have yet to see anything in Everything's file-list..
Right now, I'd be happy to produce 1-file in the list, I'm sure I could figure it out from there.

Is there a settings-file/other-dependencies that could cripple its search?? Details would be much appreciated.
Perhaps it needs a particular service to be running?? (already tried enabling WindowsSearch in services.msc).
I also scanned the entire registry for occurences of Everything.. All clean.

If anyone has advice/recommendations on getting a file/folder into the list, I'd greatly appreciate.
I've heard too many good things about the app to believe its a portability issue..
It would seem to be something unique with my system??
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Re: Searching for files to be renamed across hard drive

Postby jgt1942 » Tue May 05, 2020 6:00 pm

I've used Everything for years and have always had great results. I'm not an expert but found it has always met my needs.
Are you building an index?
When you first start Everything it should display everything on your PC.
Have you tried the forum at
David, the author has been very responsive to my dumb user questions.
For me it is an app I cannot live without. I use it numerous times each day.
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Re: Searching for files to be renamed across hard drive

Postby RegexNinja » Tue May 05, 2020 8:11 pm

Thanks jgt1942
You're right, that was the problem! I had to manually build it with Tools/Options/Folders/Add
The problem was, I had tried the minimalist version v1.3.0.63b several months earlier.
When it first launched, I must've dismissed the admin-request (an auto-reflex of mine).

Anywho, I quickly gave up on it (instead of going to the forum like I should've). Problem is: That setting got saved!
So then, months later, I kept hearing so many good things about it, I decided to give it another shot..
Of course, I'd forgotten all about the prompt by this time, hence my obvious frustration in this post, lol.

So thats when I dug thru the settings till I found the right one..
In the end I'm glad it happened that way, cause I didnt want the whole drive indexed anyway.
Fantastic app btw, now I see what everybody's taking about.. Cant believe its free!! (shhhhh)

Btw, just saw your other post.. Here's a much uglier version of therube's regex, just to show you what regex can do.
His is much easier to read and follow, especially when you're trying to learn..
This one uses LookArounds to make sure Month isnt 00 or 13-or-higher..
..............Not00-> (00-19) <-Not13-19
^(.* \d{1,4}?)(?!00)(-[01]\d)(?<!1[3-9])( (?:19|20)\d\d)(.*)

One of these days I'm gonna figure out a way to get consecutive spaces onto these posts.
That's gonna make explaining these things soooo much easier.
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