Adding a weekly incrementing date to filename

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Adding a weekly incrementing date to filename

Postby petron1000 » Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:09 am


I couldn't find this in BRU nor in the forums.

I'd like to set up folders for my weekly college courses, one folder per lesson and with the respective date in their names. There are several courses and their weekday varies.

I'm starting with 20 freshly created folders:

    New Folder
    New Folder (1)
    New Folder (2)
    New Folder (3)

and I'd like to pick a starting date (DD-MM-YYYY), let's say last Monday, and set up a weekly progressing pattern for the remaining folders. Adding some numbered string prefix (which isn't part of my struggle but you know, for completion's sake), the final folder names should be like this:


As I said, the lessons could be on any weekday. Is there a simple solution I'm not seeing, with easy control over starting date and ideally over pattern, too (since some courses are every 14 days)? I'm using version in free mode and have not the slightest idea about java.

Thank you for your time!
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