Thanks for the utility!

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Thanks for the utility!

Postby musikman1 » Fri May 13, 2011 4:11 am

I just wanted to thank the programmer (I don't have a name in my ABOUT, it just says TGRMN, sorry for the oversight) for his killer BRU utility.

I have literally thousands of MID, SNG (proprietary), SMF, and various JPG/GIF/PNG, etc on my computer, and before finding BRU, trying to rename and resort files on a specific category was indeed a tedious proposition.


.. THANKS for the "DON'T FREAK OUT WHEN YOU SEE THE GUI" warning. Indeed, once you can see the process works like a flowchart of operations, it becomes WAY too easy to utilize BRU with it's "stock" GUI options. I'm a super-user, but I'm sure that a programmer can use a few of the more esoteric options to do many time-saving tasks.. But even "just the way you are" (apologies to Billy Joel from too many wedding bands) this is an ideal program.

The well thought out GUI, and common sense flow and options offered on the screen are just amazing, and I've been working with utilities since PCTOOLS 1.2 back in 1983 on my blazingly fast PC "clone" running a blinding 7mHz!

I couldn't even come up with a "wish list," because everything I would want to do is already RIGHT THERE! About the only silly thing I could come up with is an additional option on;

Renumbering (10) -> Type

.. since "Roman Numerals" has been included (that fits my warped sense of humor), I would off that the ability to renumber using PRIME NUMBERS would have been fun, ie: file1, file2, file3, file5, file7, file11, file13, etc etc.. but that's a "fun and games" suggestion, not a "needed" functional one.. or maybe allowing formulae, ie:

Renumbering (10
Mode: Suffix
at: 0
Start: 1
Incr: pi * curr(x) (FORMULAE HERE)
Pad: 0
Break: 0
Type: Base 17
Roman Numerals: ODD (options of using Roman numerals to express the 1st/3rd/5th, etc and standard numerals for the evens).

Sometimes being ADHD takes one "out there" a bit.. ("Ooh, look, there's ELVIS!")

Again, thanks so much for the kick butt util!

Rick mm1
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