Windows 7 64bit Admin problem

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Windows 7 64bit Admin problem

Postby PrivateJoker » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:27 pm

Hi everyone,

I using Bulk Rename Utiltiy since a few years. Now I using Windows 7 64bit and have a problem.
When I would like to rename some files I click the right button on the directory and click in the
context menu on "Bulk Rename Here". The program starts and when I click at the rename button
I get an error: Item I:\...\...\01.jpg could not be renamed.

So I go to the installation directory and change the properties Bulk Rename Utility.exe to run it
as admin. But now when I start Bulk Rename with the context menu "Bulk Rename Here" I get the error:

Error 740 while starting E:\Prgramme\....\Bulk Rename Utility.exe

When I searching after this error I only find informations that I have to change the properties
of the file to run it as admin. HAHA I only get this error when I changed the properties to run it
as admin :-(.

I don't find anything in the forum, maybe I am the only one. But maybe someone can help me.

I apologize for my bad English, but my native language is not English.
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