Reorder Names of Numberd Files

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Reorder Names of Numberd Files

Postby skipnorman » Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:38 am

Have need to revers order name of numbered files like: xyz1, xyz2 ...xyz39, xyz40 where xyz1 becomes xyz40 and xyz2 becomes xyz39, etc. I don't see away to accomplish this using your programs standard features so I created a text file that reads "xyz1|xyz140" then "xyz2|xyz39" and executed using the file import rename pairs command. This did nothing. Tried adding the ",jpg" suffix still no solution. tried changing the file name sorting order to ASCII (e.g. 1,10,11...) still no effect. I would appreciate a hint. I just downloaded and installed your program today, so I am a new user. Here are the first three of 40 lines from my file
PT Jul-Aug 2008_Page_1.jpg|PT Jul-Aug 2008_Page_140.jpg
PT Jul-Aug 2008_Page_10.jpg|PT Jul-Aug 2008_Page_131.jpg
PT Jul-Aug 2008_Page_11.jpg|PT Jul-Aug 2008_Page_130.jpg

thanks, =skip=
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