File Order/Number Changing with rename

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File Order/Number Changing with rename

Postby janeknits » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:43 pm

I tried asking for help in the support section with no answer. Can anyone here help me with this?
I am working on renaming large numbers of jpgs to their folder name with a numbered suffix. I thought everything was going well. I've now realized that my file order is being rearranged and I don't know why. I have done thousands of files and luckily I noticed the problem before I did my backups but it is still going to be a giant PITA. Most of my renamed files are completely scrambled.
So can anyone tell me why when I am renaming files all with the same name and a standard numbered suffix to a new name also with standard numbered suffix that the order of the files would change? Is there any setting that would force the order to stay the same.
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