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Rename files based on folder name

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2021 1:54 pm
by LavenderBirch
Using Bulk Rename Utility you may rename files based on folder names and save hours renaming those pesky hashed file names.

Follow these steps:

On the left pane (the folder tree) select "E:\Vacations".

In Selections (12) check only "Files" and "Subfolders".

Set Numbering (10) as "Mode = Suffix", "Pad = 3", "Sep. = ." and check the "Folder" option.

In File (2) select "Remove".

In Append Folder Name (9) select "Prefix".

Make sure you have your files selected (press CTRL+A or use the "Actions > Select All" menu.)

Now you can preview the results on the right pane, and, if everything's ok, just press "Rename".