Thumbnails and file sorting

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Thumbnails and file sorting

Postby archielukas » Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:25 pm

because of lazy web publishers, the files I download are often badly named
so you get

Now i know you can mess around with the modify date column to try and get a semblance of common sense; but it would be BRILLIANT if thumbnails were an option, then I could drag and drop the files in visual order, then re-name a block at a time.

For those noobs who don't know - you can already drag named files around, in BRU and previously in Win XP Explorer.
But with Win 7 - it can't be done, it won't allow you to drag around files anymore. STOOPID I know.

If BRU could display thumbnails - it would be a perfect program - maybe as a small add in utility, then re-name in the BRU main page.

Meanwhile anyone know a method to modify Win 7 or a program to do this?

Archie :mrgreen:
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