strip/subst char/space using ascii code and...

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strip/subst char/space using ascii code and...

Postby audiogalaxy » Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:02 pm

<sorry for my bad english>

Hallo everybody; i thank Jim Willsher so much for creating BRC !...
I have a pair of questions, an issue to notice and a wish

Wish/suggestion: a [/spacerase] switch for completely remove spaces in the selected files and/or folders.

Issue: The chm helpfile attached to the brc64 doesn't work for me on a Vista Business 64bit; i see that in my XPpro the brc32 attached chm works perfectly.

Question: how can i replace spaces everywhere (on selected folders and/or files) with something else, using regex?
Question: is it possible to replace a character using his ASCII or UNI code with something else, using an explicit replacing string, regex or an ASCII or UNI code? if not: this would be a nice feature to add! :)

Thanks everybody!

</sorry for my bad english>


ok, the issue remains, i've now solved the problem understanding that /REPLACECI:something:somethingelse can be used with " like in /REPLACECI:"something":"somethingelse"

i don't know how to do the same thing using regex
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Test, just a test

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