Can I Use Date Template Patterns in Copy/Move

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Can I Use Date Template Patterns in Copy/Move

Postby TerryNMc2018 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:49 pm

I am trying to organize 30,000+ photos using BRU to standardize the file names in yyyy-mm-dd hhmmss_IMG01234.JPG format. I want the final result to be in a folder hierarchy like

Can I use %Y, %Y-%m, and %Y-%m-%d in the Path spec for Copy/Move to Location(13) to achieve this?

I'm currently using a program call PhotoMove to do this but I have not control over the exact format of the folder names. (It uses _ where I want to use -)

If BRU could (or can!) do this, it would greatly simplify my work flow.

Or, is there some way to already achieve this sort of action in some other way that I don't yet understand. Seems to me that BRU can do just about everything!
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