Can´t rename files in folder with ä,ü and ö

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Can´t rename files in folder with ä,ü and ö

Postby XSpeed » Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:57 pm

I have folder with ä,ü and ö.
I will change files in that folder but it is not possible.
X:\Jörg Arbeit\Gehaltsabrechnung
My batch command is

"X:\Rename Tools\BRC_Unicode_64\BRC64.exe" /DIR:"X:\Jörg Arbeit\Gehaltsabrechnung" /REMOVEWORDS:Gehalt /EXECUTE
If I start the Batch I see the following
[img]X:\Rename Tools>"X:\Rename Tools\BRC_Unicode_64\BRC64.exe" /DIR:"X:\J?Ârg Arbeit
\Gehaltsabrechnung" /REMOVEWORDS:Gehalt /EXECUTE

Processing Folder X:\J??rg Arbeit\Gehaltsabrechnung
The second ? is a different symbol what I can not insert here.

I think, with BRC I can´t use ä,ö and ü in folder Names, is that correct or do I somthing wrong?
Thx for help
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