Input a specific file, and /PATTERN problem

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Input a specific file, and /PATTERN problem

Postby testusetom » Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:21 am


I'm wondering if there is a certain way to only input only a certain file, specifically to be used in a for loop. Currently the parameters are all folder based customization, and there really isn't any for inputting a specific file (at least, I cant find any in the documentary). I need the ability to manipulate only 1 file to achieve a certain workflow. What I want to achieve is something like (the <<< >>> represents my made up function i need)
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for %%G in (*.abc) do (
brc64 <<</INPUT:%%G>>> /REGEXP:"^(.*?])([^][()]*)(.*)$":"\2" /TRIM

After reading a bit, I found a kinda temporary solution that allows me to work within the directory, but doesn't allow me to input files from anywhere, the /PATTERN:<> code. However, this parameter doesn't really work the way I want. To elaborate, I have a directory with 2 files:
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[abc] abc - 00 (a1b2c3)[abc123].txt

And by running this example code
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for %%G in (*.txt) do (
brc64 /pattern:"%%G" /REGEXP:"^(.*?])([^][()]*)(.*)$":"\2" /TRIM

I get:
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C:\Users\a\Desktop\Tools & Programs\Bulk Rename Utility\BRC_Unicode_64>for %G in (*.txt) do (brc64 /pattern:"%G" /REGEXP:"^(.*?])([^][()]*)(.*)$":"\2" /TRIM )

C:\Users\a\Desktop\Tools & Programs\Bulk Rename Utility\BRC_Unicode_64>(brc64 /pattern:"[abc] abc - 00 (a1b2c3)[abc123].txt" /REGEXP:"^(.*?])([^][()]*)(.*)$":"\2" /TRIM )

Processing Folder C:\Users\a\Desktop\Tools & Programs\Bulk Rename Utility\BRC_Unicode_64\

C:\Users\a\Desktop\Tools & Programs\Bulk Rename Utility\BRC_Unicode_64>(brc64 /pattern:"[abc]abc-00(a1b2c3)[abc123].txt" /REGEXP:"^(.*?])([^][()]*)(.*)$":"\2" /TRIM )

Processing Folder C:\Users\a\Desktop\Tools & Programs\Bulk Rename Utility\BRC_Unicode_64\
Filename [abc]abc-00(a1b2c3)[abc123].txt would be renamed to abc-00.txt

C:\Users\a\Desktop\Tools & Programs\Bulk Rename Utility\BRC_Unicode_64>pause
Press any key to continue . . .

As you can see, the file with spaces in it is ignored and not processed, while the one without spaces is process. This shows the /PATTERN:<> only recognized patterns without spaces, thus making it useless for the type of workflow I need.

To sum up, I'm not quite sure what to do. Did I miss any parameters that might be useful, or is there a solution to the type of workflow I need?

Note: the /execute command is not used in any of the examples
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