Autonumber saving the last used number for later use

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Autonumber saving the last used number for later use

Postby nieuwenhuis007 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:56 pm


I'm trying to periodically (25sec) rename files dropped in a folder by an FTP process:

- Number them sequentially with a total of eight numbers (e.g. 00000001, 00000002);
- Remove the rest of the filename including the extension;
- Saving the last autoincrement number is a file for later runs.

Everything works, only thing missing is the variable for the number and saving this to a file.

Is there a variable or an exit code i can use for storing the number ?
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Re: Autonumber saving the last used number for later use

Postby bru » Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:22 am

Nope, brc doesnt make it avail as a shell/env variable.
There's different ways to work around it, depending on your circumstance.
If you always rename all-files-with-an-extension, use something like:

@echo off
CD "C:\YourFTPFolder\"
:: If no renames, Set counter=1 (1st as file, then variable)
IF not exist "00000001" IF not exist "count" Echo.1>count
For /f %%A IN (count) DO set next=%%A
:: Resume naming (files with .ext)
Brc32 /IgnoreFileX /Pattern:"*.*" /RemoveName /AutoNumber:%next%:1:P::10:8 /execute
Ren count count.brc
:: Grab HighestRename# (Reverse sort NamesWithout.ext) then Goto Save
For /f %%B IN ('dir/b/a-d/o-n *.') DO Set high=%%B&&Goto Save
:Save counter (Strip Leading-0s, Add1, SaveToFile)
For /f "delims=0 tokens=*" %%C IN ("%high%") DO cmd /c Set /a next="%%C+1">count.brc
Ren count.brc count
:: Review Renames (delete this section if not desired)
echo.Done, press any key to exit.

That works for renaming all-files-with-an-extension.
With some of your files already numbered, a 1st-time run tries/fails to rename as 00000001, etc.
However, it also creates a proper resume-count file for all subsequent runs.

You could simplify it by keeping the count-file in another folder (versus renaming it back-and-forth).
Doubt I have all the details for your particular circumstance.
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