Menu Option to Control GUI Controls

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Menu Option to Control GUI Controls

Postby rickyk » Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:13 pm

Firstly THANK YOU for not just coding such a great app but for distributing it for FREE for personal use - greatly appreciated. :D

I have a suggestion about the GUI.

Despite using the "Expand File List" option, the no. of lines available to actually view the file list is very small. More than half of the screen is occupied by various "Rename" related options - ie - Name (2), Case (4), Remove (5) and so on right up to (12).

Is it possible to add an option in the Menu so that users can choose the various renaming options they wish to see?

Something like this for example-


A user can then selectively enable the field(s) they find useful thereby freeing up a lot of screen real estate.

For example, if a user only needs the RegEx1 (1) & Replace (3) fields, he could do this -


Is there already some other way to do this that I am unaware of?

Lastly, is it possible to give an option (maybe via the "Bulk Rename Utility.ini file) to change/increase the font size?

For some reason the Menu Option for the same within BRU doesn't do anything on my PC no matter how many times I click on "Use Larger Font" and restart BRU - it just remains the same.

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Re: Menu Option to Control GUI Controls

Postby Admin » Mon Nov 16, 2020 1:26 am

Hi, this is a very good idea for improvement, thanks!
Please note that right now when you expand the list, the controls are not visible but they are still effective, i.e. the renaming criteria entered do apply even if the control is hidden.
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