What had improved in the new version ??

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What had improved in the new version ??

Postby jhsgalaxy » Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:15 pm

can anybody tell me what allegedly had or was improved in the new version ??
As far as a I can see, only the optical design had changed ... unfortunately, as so often nowadays with any software, to the worse.
Also the speed of loading a new directory has become worse. It now is way slower VERY MUCH SLOWER than the older version.
I truly regret having updated, especially since the older version had more functions in renaming.

Then, one very specific question:
The big field on top right, where i see the list of old and new names, there also is a column called "length".
What is this crappy shit for ??
I never ever do not need any length of file names, if at all I need the length of mediafiles, how long it takes t9o play a clip or an audio file, but no lengths of names, so what is this shit for?
It's the same with the column "accessed" What a stupid and utterly useless shit ! A column "last saved on" would be way more important !!

Sorry to say so, but to me, the new version is nothing but crap compared to what I had before.
That's why I am seriously asking what allegedly improved in the new version
Thanks in advance
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Re: What had improved in the new version ??

Postby therube » Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:44 pm

Bulk Rename Utility version released
More generally, Announcements.

Right-click a column header, & chose what you want to display (or not).

And is there something wrong?
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