Bulk Rename Utility is released!

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Bulk Rename Utility is released!

Postby Admin » Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:54 pm

Bulk Rename Utility is released. This is a major revision containing the following enhancements:

Revision History
!=Bug, +=new feature / enhancement / change

+ New facility in Box 10 for capitalising Roman Numerals (when space-delimited)
+ Sorting the filelist by the Date columns is now much quicker
+ Windows XP "Logical Sorting" now available on all platforms
+ No longer display Hidden folders in the tree
+ Allow the "new timestamp" information to be used in the file names
+ The main window now shows the dates in green if they are being updated
+ The main window now shows the attributes in green if they are being updated
+ Timestamps and Attributes can be changed, even if not renaming the file
+ Last Accessed timestamps can also now be changed
+ Undo Rename option also reverses Attributes and Timestamp changes
! When not using Logical Sorting, files were incorrectly sorted (by case)
! Prevent double-processing of a routine when loading Favourites
! Criteria-highlighting was incorrect when using Revert
! Prevent long-standing crash when using Context menu on a hidden folder
! Incorrect handling of new "Inc. Ext" element of Regular Expressions
! Crash if "Title Case Exceptions" contained just a single space
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