new user help - replace strings within my file names

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new user help - replace strings within my file names

Postby jnliao77 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:29 pm

Hello, I just downloaded this app and want to use it to find a replace strings within my files names.

I have a design file that will export the pages from my files as separate JPGs which the program automatically appends with the page #. Each page shows the same image but at different sizes and shapes (for examples, first page is for A4, second page is US letter, 3rd is 5x7, etc).

For reasons beyond my control, people would like the file names to reflect the page size. We use this system quite often and the page sizes and order never change so I was hoping to use BRU to rename all files in a folder as such:
"XYZ 7.jpg" becomes "XYZ 7 - A4.jpg"
"XYZ 71.jpg" becomes "XYZ 7 - Letter.jpg"
"XYZ 72.jpg" becomes "XYZ 7 - 5x7.jpg"

Ideally the tool would do a search and replace as the XYZ portion will be different for various files but they all are appended the same way.

So I am hoping the tool can do the following:
find "7.jpg" and replace with "7 - A4.jpg"
find "71.jpg" and replace with "7 - Letter.jpg"
find "72.jpg" and replace with "7 - 5x7.jpg"

Using the rename pairs, i was hoping I could apply the 22 sets of renames across many files but nothing happens when I upload the pairs. is it because the pairs searches only for entire file name strings and cannot do partial? Is there a way to do partial and do multiple sets?

Sorry I'm new to this and was looking for way to do simple renames for our thousands of files rather than doing them all manually which is tedious, especially when an updated graphic is made and I have to rename the updated export JPGs as well.

Any help would be great. Thanks!
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