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Bulk Rename Utility version released

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 8:58 am
by Admin

We have released Bulk Rename Utility version

Download the new version :

Changes log / history (PDF):


Date: 05/FEB/2021

+ Changed 'Simple' Regex behaviour from longest match to shortest match.
+ Enhanced 'Title Case' in Case (4) behaviour to use the 'New York Times Title Case' rules by default. Custom words and exceptions can be specified.
+ Added ability to have a general case exception for Roman Numerals in Case (4) using exceptions <rnup> or <rnlo>.
+ Added Roman Numerals as new Type in Numbering (10).+ Added Lower and Upper Case options in Numbering (10).
+ Added support for extended Unicode characters when saving the .INI file and favourites files. New created files are saved as Unicode while all existing files are kept as they are.
+ Added ability to use \U \L \E \u \l modifiers in the Replace field of RegEx (1) also when the 'Simple' option is used.
+ Added ability to specify a subfolder level in Filters(12) to set the maximum level of recursive scanning when subfolders are included.
+ Added ability to use negative values for 'Levels' in Append Folder Name (9). A negative level number will only append that specific folder name to the file name instead of the chain of all folders.
+ Enhanced the Change File Timestamps function to use the file 'Item Date' if the EXIF 'Taken (Original)' timestamp is not available, for example for videos or some image formats.
! Fixed issue with file timestamps changing by one hour if the renaming operation is undone selecting 'Undo Rename'.
! Fixed issue with dates earlier than 1970 when using Windows File Properties to rename files.
! Fixed an 'open' file issue if the file path contains certain Unicode characters (the open file dialog would not open at all).