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Bulk Rename Utility version released

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:58 am
by Admin

We have released Bulk Rename Utility version

Download the new version :

Changes log / history (PDF):


Date: 16/MAR/2021

+ Restored the original 'Title Case' behavior in Case (4) and added a new 'Title
Case Enhanced' that uses the 'New York Times Title Case' rules. Custom words,
upper-case words and exceptions can be specified with the new 'Title Case
+ Log to File now supports also Unicode names.
! Fixed issue with Taken (Original) and Item Date not showing when dragging
files directly into Bulk Rename Utility.
! Fixed 'Lead Dots' not resetting in Remove (5) when clicking on 'Reset'.
! Fixed 1 hour skip issue in Change File Timestamps window - if DST active.