retain folder names on copy rename

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retain folder names on copy rename

Postby grinchy » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:41 am

On Windows 7, I have a number of folders under My Pictures that were named as the date I imported my pics using built in Windows Explorer Import facility. I want to copy all the folders under My Pictures and the pics under them to a new location, but I want to retain the folder names as-is but rename the files in them so that they are prefixed with the last modify date and suffixed with a 4 digit auto number. So, I essentially want to do a recursive scan, but not affect folder names and insure that the renamed files are placed into correctly name folders from the original. Can you add a feature to preserve folder names & facilitate this kind of recursive scan? The reason I have this need is because I want to consolidate the My Pictures folders of 2 separate computers to a single common source. I have some pictures on Computer A that have the same name currently on Computer B. So to prevent one from overlaying the other when I consolidate, I thought I'd use your utility to first rename the files giving them more unique names but preserve the folder names being used which may also be duplicated on the 2 computers. Having the underlying pictures with unique names would make it possible to merge the same named folders without risk of overlaying pics.
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