Thumblist view needed to ease picture bulk rename

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Thumblist view needed to ease picture bulk rename

Postby Dominique » Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:48 pm

1). I would like to be able to switch from a 'details' view (as I call your actual file view) to some 'thumbnails' (large icons) view, to small icons view. In a thumbnails view it would be easier to organise pictures in an expected order, sorted based on their visual contents rather than based on their file names. Then it should be possible to also make a selection in that window and return to the 'details' window (keeping the order and the selection of files) and then make the bulk rename. The tumbnails view should offer more or less detailed (bigger and smaller) icons depending on the preferences of the user, depending on his preference to better see the contents of the icons, or being able to sort more items in a single viewing window.

2). I would also expected to be able to drag-and-drop multiple (selected) files at once to their desired place.
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Postby Admin » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:09 pm


As per your email, you are welcome to send me some sample MFC code and I will take a look to see if it can be integrated. I develop using MFC under VS2005.

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Re: Thumblist view needed to ease picture bulk rename

Postby phyrun » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:28 pm

I concur with Dominique. I would like to see a thumbnail or Extra Large icons just like in Windows Explorer so that I can distinguish and highlight a selection of pictures that I'm interested in and rename them. For example, highlight all the 50 pictures that I took in Paris and rename them to Paris-Summer-## where ## increment number. The current version, with its ability to view the picture, 1 by 1 is limited because I can't see a group of pictures. Thank you for this wonderful utility.
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