Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it's here
Yes, please download it from here.
Please see How To's
Please see What's New
Most likely you have not actually selected any files to rename from the file list. Only selected files are processed and you must select which entries to process. Either click the file names or press Ctrl+A to select all.
Extracting EXIF data from JPG pictures is relatively slow, so this is now disabled by default. To enable it, just tick the "Extract EXIF data" menu item and then refresh your screen (F5).
Yes, or you can map the UNC network path to a drive letter in Windows and then use Bulk Rename Utility on the mapped drive.
Yes, you can import file names from a text file. The text file must consist of an OLD file name, a pipe character (|) or a comma (,), and a NEW file name, one per line. See the Bulk Rename Utility help file for more information.
No, you can simply download and run the latest installer from our web site and it will automatically update your installation.
Regular Expressions are a powerful method of manipulating file names. Please see the help file for detailed information.
Yes, it supports V1 tags for Artist, Album and Title.
Yes, it supports many Video tags via the Windows File Properties: frame width, frame height, length, bitrate and much more.
No, sorry, only English is available.
Currently not but you can use Javascript renaming for that.
Sorry, no.
Yes, please see the forum.
Bulk Rename Utility is designed solely as a GUI application. However, we have a second product called Bulk Rename Command, which may be downloaded here. This product contains most of the functionality of Bulk Rename Utility but it is designed to be used from the command line.

Yes, it is!

We all need to be very careful when installing new software that is downloaded from the web.
At TGRMN Software, we guarantee that all our downloads, installers and software products are top quality and:

  • Virus-free.
  • Spam-free.
  • Ads free.
  • Lightweight and not bloatware. Our downloads are only a few megabytes.
  • Digitally signed by TGRMN Software for extra security and guarantee.
  • Only install the software that is actually downloaded, Bulk Rename Utility, no additional/other unwanted software. No other software is bundled with our products.
  • Do not change or alter system-wide settings, including registry, system files or other operative system settings.
  • Do not affect the functioning of the operative system, hardware or other running programs.
  • Do not install any Windows Services.
  • Do not install/replace any Windows Drivers or Kernel software.
  • Only install and copy files to the designated installation folder.
  • Do not require a system reboot after installation.
  • Can be run without Admin privileges by default.
  • Self-contained and do not require any third-party components or libraries to run.
  • Can be uninstalled easily, cleanly and quickly, without leaving any traces or system changes behind, via the standard Windows Control Panel.
  • Do not communicate back home any information at all, nor collect or transmit any information to third-party. Zero. Nothing.

You can trust all our products. You can download, install and use Bulk Rename Utility with confidence.

Please visit our User's Forum to discuss with other users.
Please contact us for any questions or clarifications.
Read the End-User License Agreement.

Yes, it can be downloaded from the Download Page.