S3Express for Amazon S3

Backup Files to Amazon S3 using S3Express, command line utility for Windows

S3Express is a Windows command line utility for Amazon Simple Storage Service S3.

With S3Express you can access, upload and manage your files on Amazon S3 using the Windows command line.

S3Express is ideal for scripts, automated incremental backups / uploads and for performing custom queries on Amazon S3 objects.

S3Express is a very compact program with a very small footprint (the entire program is less than 5MB). It's self-contained in one executable 'S3Express.exe' and it does not require any additional libraries or software to be installed. Simply download and install S3Express and you are ready to go.

Connections to Amazon S3 are made using secure http (https), which is an encrypted version of HTTP, to protect your files while they are in transit to and from Amazon S3.

S3Express works on all versions of Windows including all Windows Servers.

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